Gallery Walls vs. Large-Scale Art


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Which do you prefer? A) Large-scale art. B) Gallery walls. C) Both. D) I have no idea.

When I was little my room had some lovely art prints. Watercolor girls and dusty pastel florals, that my mom picked out. Then my teenage years hit and this art became decidedly uncool, and I proceeded to gather every cat, kitten, dog, and puppy calendar that I could find and plastered my walls from bottom to top.

Ridiculous? Yes. Cheep and tacky? Oh yeah. But I loved it. That is, until a friend told me it was creepy. How can you call kittens in paint cans and puppies in wheelbarrows creepy?? He then proceed to point out that there were at least 30 pairs of eye watching me me sleep every night. Wha?! Well that’s just great, I thought, my perfect walls now ruined. (Though in retrospect, the whole thing had to have been an act of divine design intervention. ;))

That was my first gallery wall design experience, and I dare say things have improved greatly since then. Lately though, I’ve wanted to try something different than the standard gallery-wall-go-to. Gallery walls are everywhere  these days, and for good reasons. You can display tons of pieces that you love at the same time, fill a large space relatively easily, and often they can be quite cost effective to boot.

Take for instance this wall from before we started our living room update. Most of it was made from postcards I gathered on a trip to Switzerland. As for the small frames, they all came from thrift stores, and the brown curly shelf from my grandma’s house. I loved this wall because it showed multiple things/places/colors I loved, it was made from stuff I already had, and it filled our large blank tv wall quite nicely.

All this to say, I get it. Gallery walls definitely have their place. But do me a favor, and just look at these spaces where instead of tons of small pieces of art, there’s just one huge piece, maybe two. Bold, unapologetic, and uncluttered.





Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Veneer Designs.






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As I looked at all these spaces I tried to image gallery walls that would have the same impact on the room. And you know what? It was pretty darn hard. Of course there are beautiful gallery walls out there. But I think it’s worth considering next time you’re decorating a wall if something different, and bigger! wouldn’t be a nice change. And in case I haven’t convinced you yet, maybe this Pinterest board will. 🙂

So what are your thoughts? Team gallery wall forever! Or would you be daring enough to ever try something like this?

Happy Sunday!




One thought on “Gallery Walls vs. Large-Scale Art

  1. […] Last post I talked about using large-scale art instead of the default gallery wall. Studio McGee does a beautiful job at this, and I was so excited when I saw this list they compiled of abstract art options all under $100 with most of them being large-scale. […]


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