Shop Spotlight: McGee & Co.


If you don’t already follow Studio McGee right now is the best time to start. Whether it’s their instagram, studio blog, pinterest boards, or new webisodes, you will be hooked instantly if you love bright, fresh, and timeless design. Like seriously. Go look right now. I won’t even be offended.

Admittedly Made McGee And Co. Favorites 01


They recently announced the launch of their new shop McGee & Co. where you can find all their favorite pillows, lighting, rugs, accessories, art work, textiles, and soon-to-be furniture! No matter what your personal style is I’m sure that you’ll find multiple things you love.

With that said, I went ahead and created some round-ups of my favorite items from their shop that I think best fit a modern, organic, and neutral color-scheme style. Here we go!

First up, Rugs.

Admittedly Made McGee And Co. Favorite Rugs

1. Alexandria 2. Aspen 3. Lincoln

4. Crete 5. Hamilton 6. Havana

7. Oceanside 8. Brooklyn 9. Tribeca

Each of these comes in multiple sizes/dimensions. I love these options because each could be applied to so many different kinds of design styles.

Admittedly Made McGee And Co. Favorites 05


Next up, Artwork:

Admittedly Made McGee And Co. Favorite Artwork

1. Navy Steps 2. Indigo 3. Hazy Countryside

4. Indigo Wave No. 3 5. Mist 6. Black & White Botanical

7. Spring Fog 2 8. Wood Frame Letter Board 9. Dark Diagonals Abstract

Last post I talked about using large-scale art instead of the default gallery wall. Studio McGee does a beautiful job at this, and I was so excited when I saw this list they compiled of abstract art options all under $100 with most of them being large-scale.

Admittedly Made McGee And Co. Favorites 07


Next up, Lighting.

Admittedly Made McGee And Co. Favorite Lamps

1. Lebon Floor Lamp 2. Old Pharmacy Floor Lamp 3. Nina Tapered Table Lamp

4. Charlton Wall Light 5. Clemente Table Lamp 6. Boston Library Light

7. Katie Pendant 8. Goodman Pendant 9. Hicks Pendant

Every one of these lights comes in multiple finishes such as brass, nickle, bronze, black, antique white, and/or two-tone. Again, I love how any of these could be right at home in an ultra-modern or ultra-traditional space. Yay for versatility!

Admittedly Made McGee And Co. Favorites 03


Admittedly Made McGee And Co. Favorites 04


And lastly, Accessories.

Admittedly Made McGee And Co. Favorite Accessories

1. White Base Cement Pot 2. Scalloped Stacking Bowls 3. Triangle Round Boxes

4. Gold Rimmed Apothecary Vases 5. Black Stripe Baskets 6. Brass Polyhedrons

7. Mini Trio Catchalls 8. Midnight Patterned Frame 9. Brass Laced Ceramic Jar

10. White & Natural Baskets 11. Lotus Ginger Pot 12. Standing Magnifying Glass

I love all these items for their bold, but organic feel. I feel like the word “organic” is often falsely be associated with items that are dull or boring. Like being organic somehow means it has to be unexciting. These items show just the opposite though; that something can still be organic in nature while providing bold, graphic designs and patterns. I would love to have some of these items for our living room update. 🙂

Admittedly Made McGee And Co. Favorites 02


Tell me you saw at least a couple things you loved. Ah! I can’t handle how much I love all these things. I love when designers I admire are willing to share some of their sources. I understand why a lot of designs don’t and completely respect their decision. If everyone knew exactly how to recreate their style with no help, they would be out of a job, haha. But that’s why a shop like this really is a gold mine. It gives you a great jumping off point to pieces that will help you achieve the looks you love, while doing things at your own pace.

I’m excited to see what other beautifulness (totally a word) will be available when they launch their furniture lines soon!

Happy Saturday!


Sources from top image:  via  |  via  |  via



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