Indigo Coaster DIY


Anyone else have tons of old jeans in their scrap pile, and no idea what to do with them? There are obviously countless projects online that call for old denim, but most of them don’t fit with a modern home design theme at all. They’re usually more inline with a ’90s sunflower theme, if you get my drift. This may be fine on throw-back overalls, but not in my living room, thanks.


This is a really simple DIY that makes old denim look more like part of the indigo trend, rather than something from the scrap bag.

You only need three items:

  • Old jeans
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun/sticks

Take your old jeans and cut along either side of the inside and outside leg seams. You should end up with strips that are about 5/8 to 1/2 inch thick. I just cut mine so that I had both the top material and folded seam-allowance from underneath. That way your strips are nice and thick.

make-indigo-coasters-out-of-old-jeans-admittedly-made-16Make indigo coasters out of old jeans. Admittedly Made.13.jpg

Once you have a few long strips you can start carefully gluing. All you’re going to do is start rolling your strips into a spiral and gluing every inch or so as you go around. You’ll need to use a little more glue in the middle, but can use less as you get farther out.


Here are my dry alligator hands showing how far I got with one strip. Obviously you’ll want to use a few. I also cut off the very end of each strip where the leg opening seam at the bottom was intersecting and making it bulky.

I chose to use the inside seam pieces first so that the thick (usually gold) double stitching would be hidden in the middle of my coaster, and then used the outside seams for the outer portions since they have less stitching, and therefore look less jean-esque. The stitching and distressing on pants is the real giveaway that you’ve used old jeans, so those are the parts I tried best to hide.


I have to make a confession that these originally didn’t start out as coasters. My original plan was to use them as trivets. (Hence why they’re a little large.) This seemed like a swell plan until I realized something; hot pans on top of something made with hot glue… Tell me you see where this is going… Let’s just say that after one use I quickly realized that they were better suited for items closer to room temperature. 😉



So what do you think, do these speak more to the modern indigo trend, or are they still in the ’90s sunflower camp? I honestly don’t know what I think, but considering these are the best looking coasters we have now, they definitely staying for awhile!

What other denim projects have you guys seen or come up with that don’t scream, “these are old pants from the rag bag!“, and instead speak to modern indigo? Please share below. 🙂

Happy Weekend!




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